STUDIO is a platform.
It's a raft. It's a travelling sharing of theories and critics, experiences and proposals, bound for save ideas for city from the city itself.

STUDIO is a magazine about the contemporary urban condition.
It's a seasonal independent journal edited and directed by Romolo Calabrese together with RRC studio architects. It's based in Milan, but its reach is global.
It addresses issues involving the urban context, its strategies and its developments.

STUDIO is written by architects.
But it's not written only by architects or just for architects.

STUDIO is research.
It concerns the city, in a generic way. It's ephemeral. It does not solve, but it poses issues. It's almost simple as it is profound.

STUDIO is a mental activity of learning and knowledge.
Every issue is conceived as a collection of writings, commentaries, reportages, photographic galleries, films and videos on urban topics. Thus, to deliver a multidisciplinary approach and open discussions based on a comprehensive overview.
Therefore, it uses different media types to reach a global audience

STUDIO is where STUDIO was born, grows, will develop.



Editor in Chief
Romolo Roberto Calabrese

Managing Editor
Romolo Roberto Calabrese

Editorial Board
Romolo Roberto Calabrese
Giuseppe Costantini
Enrico Andrea Miggiano
Pier Alessio Rizzardi


via bettinelli 4 / 20136
Milan / Italy
tel.  +39 023313787
fax  +39 0231820200
ISSN 2240-2853 / ISSN 2240-4767