Several urban practitioners tends to define semantic and urban categories trying to control possible derives existing outside ordinary and everyday practices, transit in a terrific and kaleidoscope variation of commonly used perceptions. Moreover, architecture and urbanism often look forward the investigation of alternatives cognitive grids to look to the city beyond traditional cultural mechanisms, giving continuously sense to the of renovation of the discipline. It means looking through what is good and what is bad, what is right and wrong, beautiful or not, conformist or anarchic

The word terrific went to a changing process which took a couple of centuries; first a situation of terror, than something extremely huge now something amazing. STUDIO#11 TERRIFIC wants to explore the meaning relationship and etymological expansion which characterized the city project. Which are the dazed, extravagant, curious, unpredictable, attractive and also immoral and narcotic situations that give sense to urban changes? Which micro-situations of the human geography can potentially trigger huge transformation processes and considered in a positive or negative way among time? Which semantic changes of concepts are able to represent huge revolutionary trajectories in the architectural and urban practices?

STUDIO #11 TERRIFIC refers to those practices, concept, theories and institutional arrangements which knew radical changes over time, vibrantly reconfiguring the meaning of sense of architectural products and city development

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ABSTRACT: September 12th 2016

PUBLICATION: November 2016
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