We are surrounded by WRONG architecture, blind and outdated way of designing, which is irreparably damaging the city and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Corruption, bureaucracy, ignorance drive WRONG top-down decisions and delayed by WRONG and weak urban strategies. Media are portraying WRONG strategies as the most advanced and innovative approaches to design. Academia is far behind, slowed down by a WRONG teaching system that doesn’t comply anymore with our highly connected world. Established design solution, proved WRONG by time, are still applied and creating significant problems for future developments.

What is WRONG with current design?
What are the urban projects that promised to be ground-breaking and turned out to be WRONG?
What are the WRONG Architectural Experiments that failed spectacularly?
What are the WRONG theoretical ideas that crashed miserably?
What are the WRONG decisions of the last century that damaged the city and its inhabitants?
What is WRONG about current architectural trends?
What are WRONG choices creating alienation and segregation? What is behind failure?

STUDIO#14 - WRONG aim to report the most compelling content that examines everything WRONG with Architecture, Urbanism, Design, Academia, Media, Practices, Approaches, and Urban policies. STUDIO#14 intends to be a potential collector of observation to spark a break through the current challenges: understanding the reasons and mechanisms behind the WRONG and embracing spot-on architectural and urbanistic practices to enhance the quality of urban environment and life standards of  of society.

The call for papers defines the field of interest of an issue and produces a context in which to situate contributions.
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ABSTRACT: April 10th 2018
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