What is POP-architecture? Usually associated with negative aspects, of low quality and meaningless value, when closely observed, POP inevitably assumes unpredictable aspects, reasons, and understanding.

Ironic, fun, irreverent languages with loud colors; low-quality artifacts appeal to the poor taste of the masses; sophisticated interpretation of popular culture; consciously criticized but wildly adopted by masses of alternative professional; applications and repetition of memes approved by blogs and social media.

Since the appearance of personalities like Warhol and Venturi, POP concept changed forever; charged with artistic and contradictory meanings. It appears that everything it is already, or can become, POP from one to another point of views.

POP is fashionable, changeable and massive;
POP is fast to create, easy to copy and soft to digest;
POP is famous, seldom for the wrong reasons;
POP is loud and leaves a trace;
POP is attractive... I hearing now hypocrites raising the voice;
POP is a demand-supply eternal balance
POP is approved, but it will be repudiated
POP is explicit, bizarre, bright, colorful, and impressive
POP is leading the way until it will fail
POP is accepted when it passes in the background
POP is a punch gut
POP is ridiculous but knows what is doing
POP is promoted by the ones that don't understand it
POP is extreme... if not you'll call it normal
POP is selling, and the, your, niche is perishing
POP is niche when it stops being pop
POP is prised by quick fame
POP is eternal, the matter is not

STUDIO#15 – POP aim to report the most compelling content to portray the complexity of the denigrated and acclaimed POP Architecture. STUDIO#15 intends to be a potential battlefield between opposite and contradictory factions defining and criticizing what is and what is not POP.

The call for papers defines the field of interest of an issue and produces a context in which to situate contributions.
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ABSTRACT: September 30th 2018
PUBLICATION: November 2018
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