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Federico Bertolani | Modena | Italy
Chiara Bettè | Milan | Italy
Alberto Campo Baeza | Madrid | Spain
Ciclostile Architettura | Bologna | Italy
Marina dei Cas | Milan | Italy
Domenico Di Siena | Madrid | Spain
Eme3 | Barcelona | Spain
Daniel Fernandez | Berlin | Germany
Serena Girani | Milan | Italy
KLAUS | Cambridge | UK
Marco Introini | Milan | Italy
Leopold Lambert | New York | USA
Simone Morigosu | Lecco | Italy
Suzanne Mulder | Rotterdam | Netherland
Martina Paccova | Ancona | Italy
Donella Pezzola | Macerata | Italy
Vanessa Polloni | Milan | Italy
Franco Purini | Roma | Italy
Michael Edwin Roberts | Oakland | USA
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WAI Think Tank | Beijing | China

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