SITE: Milan, Italy

CUSTOMER: C.C.I.A.A. Milan MonzaBrianza Lodi

TYPE: Offices – Residences

BUILT-UP AREA: 3.000 sqm – 32.300 sqft



The new building has a height of 27 meters with seven floors above ground, as well as the roofing and two underground levels. On the ground floor the commercial activities have been placed, which find a wide outlet on the alley Santa Maria alla Porta; the first, second and third floors are intended for offices, with the completion of the continuous front on Via Delle Orsole; the fourth floor, which is also intended for office use, has been expanded with the addition of part of the SLP available. The two levels above, expanded and equipped with loggias, are dedicated to the residence together with the last floor entirely realized ex-novo.

The façade, to better respond to the principle of Energy Redevelopment, has been completely redesigned, the original curtain wall has been replaced, according to the principle of “recladding”, by a glass curtain wall system.

The cladding design of the entire building is articulated in a system with steel uprights and crosspieces that allows adequate protection from sunlight during the hours of the day.

It is essential to achieve high construction standards with the significant reduction of CO2 emissions, such as the NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) standard. The property can obtain LEED® Gold Core & -Shell certification. For a careful and targeted Energy Redevelopment, the new façade will have a thermal transmittance of the window frame <1.0 W / m2 K. (considerably lower than the maximum values indicated by the Lombardy Region). In addition, a winter and summer air conditioning system with primary air and cold beams have been set up for the offices and the commercial.

The installation of a photovoltaic panels system for the production of electricity is envisaged on the coverage plan. The building will also be equipped with a rainwater collection system for irrigation of green areas, for the supply of waste from the toilets and for the possible use of fire protection. The BMS (Building Management System) system will allow to control and manage the system system ECOsustainability Active_Innovative materials_Technological systems with home automation control.

Active ECO-Sustainability. Innovative materials_Technological systems with automation control.

Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Design_Cradle to Cradle C2C]