Pyin Sa, Myanmar


LOCATION: Pyin Sa island, Myanmar

CLIENT: Private

TYPE: Hospitality

BUILT-UP AREA: 16.000 sqm – 172.000 sqft



“The mountains, the forests, the quivering buds, the trees caressing one another….”

The project, located in the Southernmost part of the island, consists of trhee main structures that hold the main hospitality activities: the HOTEL, the RESTAURANT, and the GYM & SPA. These are connected by light weight, wooden corridors that run over the water, extending from one point of the beach to the other. Along them, other functions develop, such as a fishing and diving center, a boat clubhouse, and a seaplane and ship base to manage the arrivals from air and from water. Smaller corridors branch from the main ones to access each of the floating villas, providing privacy, unique views, and a sense of total embedment in the environment.


The resort is surrounded by a tropical jungle of vegetation and unexplored lands characteristic of Myanmar and its islands. The structures are placed in the context with care to reduce to a minimum the impact on the natural environment. The materials used (bamboo, wood and textiles) come from local manufacturing and the light and permeable structures blend in the landscape, free to be covered by vegetation and confused with the natural elements. Inspired by the FLOATING LANTERNS of the Asian tradition, the villas are quietly floating over the sea, lighting up at night, like shining lanterns in the tropical landscape.

Also known as Burma, Myanmar is a sovereign state in the region of Southeast Asia. The Burmese culture is fascinating, gentle and very spiritually alive.

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